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Increase Revenues,                                                                                Improve Margins, and                                                                      Achieve Sustainability…

        by becoming your ally, your outside partner, providing personalized Coaching, Facilitation, and Training for you, and your team; individuals and companies who are set on growing themselves and their businesses.

      Focusing your performance on ComAssist’s 5 Pillars of growth, “People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Perseverance”©, we help increase Revenue Generation, improve Margin Quality, and build a Sustainable Organization that will deliver year over year growth. Click Here for another look at the “5Ps“.

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We Coach, You Grow

If you’re a continually operating business looking for sustainable growth, a start-up with grand ideas about delivering new value to the world, or feeling the need to re-stage your current business,

we’ll help you:

  • clarify and simplify your goals and actions
  • become more valuable than your competitors
  • and develop a culture of faith and passion in your business.

Let’s have that first conversation about your visions and challenges.  Together we’ll determine whether we’re the right people to help you spur your growth rate upward sustainably.

Please check out more detail on our philosophies and service offerings for helping you improve Revenue, Margin, and Sustainability by using the menu at the top of this page. Continue drilling down for a general description of our value proposition for you.

Our Services


Gain deeper understanding, increased knowledge, improved skills and abilities and a path of action. It’s all experiential learning, with content and presentations tailored to you.


Earn concise information, clear ideas, and concepts for solutions. Discovery, mapping and action planning are achieved by creative processes that assure “lean in” involvement from all.


Achieve more key deliverables, on time, and on target, with an accountability partner. State plans, review commitments, achievements, make adjustments, hold gains.

Our core principle is simple, inside you lie the thoughts and deeds necessary to achieve, inside us resides processes and paths to help you recognize, outline and act with those thoughts and deeds.

Highly skilled in assisting others with discovery and empowerment, we’ve helped increase revenue, improve margins, and empower sustainability, through coaching, facilitating, and educating; since 2010.
We believe the path to growth comes by truly understanding one’s passions, purposes, talents, and focusing on critical objectives in improving Image, Operations and Financials management, from the power of five key pillars in business; “People, Planning, Product, Productivity, Perseverance”©

Although we do have specific processes we use with clients, we never assume anything, and everything we do is tailored to the individual we’re working with. Core services cover these, and other, topics:


  • Networking and relationship expansion
  • Developing Selling Organizations, Sales Performance Improvement, and Sales Leadership Processes
  • Defining Market(s), Segments, and Clients, Building Marketing and Communications Plans to reach clients
  • Networking and relationship expansion


  • Pricing Principles, Value Pricing, Negotiations
  • Accountancy and Financial Accountability Planning, Financial Results Forecasting
  • Root Cause Analysis, Continuous Improvement Programs (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Organizational Design, Organizational Growth Charting
  • Building Job Descriptions, Hiring and On-Boarding, Performance Evaluation Processes
  • Networking and relationship expansion


  • Self-discover, putting talents to their best use, Matching people to needs
  • Decision Making Techniques, alternative evaluation, Unintentional Consequences and Post-mortem reviews
  • Critical Desires, Objectives setting, and Review processes
  • Accountability Coaching for leaders and key performers
  • COGS, Christian Organization and Growth Strategies Roundtable/Mastermind Groups
  • Networking and relationship expansion

Who is helping you grow? We’d love to have a discussion with you, no cost, to see if we can be that, or one of those, people. We desire your trust and a real chance to help. How can we earn that chance?




423 312-3439

Personalized Coaching, Facilitation, and Training for individuals and companies who are set on growing themselves and their businesses.



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