Accountability Partner Coaching

Accountability Coaches Keep Leaders on Point

Started in November, 2017, ComAssist has helped numerous leaders who have little to no “accountability partnerships” in leading their businesses.

Accountability Partner Coaching (APC) is a series of facilitated communications (weekly, every two weeks, or monthly), where key decision makers partner with ComAssist to discuss their progress against outlined specific goals, strategies to gain them, and steps to employ those strategies. Each session includes “What If” style discussions about possible other actions, and a repetitive assessment of the effectiveness of strategies and action steps.

Working with leaders who’s teams are very small, or where there are no other company leaders accountable for overall business strategies or objectives-setting, the APC process helps many entrepreneurs stay on tract in achieving their goals; working on the tasks they’ve promised themselves, gaining the sustainable business they desire.” says Larry Nitardy, President of ComAssist. “Our whole purpose is to help facilitate growth, and assisting leaders stay at work on their priorities is helping us do our work too.” Nitardy said.

If you, or someone you know, is “leading” with few, or no other, leaders around you, you would be excellently served by an Accountability Partner. Please contact us for a free discussion about how this process can help you or a friend grow your business quicker than you are now.

Don't hesitate to contact us any time.

Who is helping you grow? We’d love to have a discussion with you, no cost, to see if we can be that, or one of those, people. We desire your trust and a real chance to help. How can we earn that chance?

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