Faith-based Leadership Forums: “COGS”©; Christian Organization and Growth Strategies Roundtables

COGS”© Christian Organization and Growth Strategies

Are you, or someone you know, looking for a forum to help you stay focused on applying your faith in Christ toward achieving your personal and professional growth or goals? If so, there is good news…

Christian Organization and Growth Strategies groups (COGS©) now make Christ-centered discussions and faith-based empowerment available to leaders of businesses of all sizes.

Why COGS©?

COGS is designed for business leaders who are challenged to find support and the strength needed to position their faith at the center of their decision making, leadership style, and sustainable choices. During 10 years of growth coaching and facilitation, I’ve met many Christ-centered individuals leading organizations, teams, or volunteer groups, or managing themselves in self-employment, who have been looking for dialogue with other faith-centered leaders to share empowerment to persevere. Expensive, Christian Business Leadership groups have existed for the leaders of large businesses for years. But until COGS, there has been a void for those of us leading oneself, mid-sized, small, or micro businesses. Current COGS groups are empowering Christian business leaders of all size organizations to put their faith to work by sharing with others without inhibitions; using the “small group” concept for monthly discussions, and one-to-one conversations as well. Any leader with accountability for developing or improving company image, operations, or financial performance is encouraged to join a COGS group.

How it works

COGS brings faith-based leaders together for learning, supporting, and empowering spirit-filled choices. Each group member shares issues and concepts with other about how they’re using, or might use, their faith, and spirit-filled hearts and minds, to develop strategies that protect previous gains, spur growth, and drive well-being for the entire organization and their communities. Through this trusted exchange, members are becoming important cogs in each other’s professional lives.

Members commit to two monthly activities, and can take advantage of a third option if desired.

COGS groups meet via Zoom conference, allowing members to gather together from variant regions and cultural backgrounds, spreading forethought and insight.  Denominational concepts or ideas are highly discouraged, with the spirit from Christ promoted.  Each member pays a monthly fee of $60.00, and are required to commit to a six month session.  New sessions can start any time there is a group wanting to start.
Contact us at , or via phone at cell 423 312-3439, today if you’re interested in discussing, or joining a COGS roundtable for you. We’re confident you’ll fit nicely into a current or new group.      

Don't hesitate to contact us any time.

Who is helping you grow? We’d love to have a discussion with you, no cost, to see if we can be that, or one of those, people. We desire your trust and a real chance to help. How can we earn that chance?

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