How do you look at Work today, is it YOU, or just part of you?

“How do you know when your Work is becoming Idolatry?”

Idolatry, not what we expected.

Larry Nitardy
  • So you thought Idolatry was only things we desired……….
  • Actually, Idolatry is anything that stands between you and the things God calls you to do, including seeking personal gratification instead of giving to others.
  • There is a big story coming, stay tuned It will be here by Friday.
  • Idolatry becomes the chains we don’t desire, it prevents us from focusing on what we really do desire.
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Larry Nitardy

I feel confident in our ability to help you because of what we’ve experienced, how we’ve learned from it, and what we did to adjust, advance and succeed.  

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