Root Cause Analysis: Your Antidote to Organizational Weeds

“…weeds come up naturally, but crops and flowers have to be cultivated.”

~David Jeremiah

While we don’t cultivate our weeds, there are root causes for them all.  Are you seeing occasional weeds in your organization’s results?  Have you deeply considered their “root cause”?  Would you consider help in defining their origin and cleaning them out? If so, we’d love to be your weed’s antidote.  How can we get that first conversation started?

Image of a farm field with autumn colors and inspirational quote.
Photo credit: Chris Rood
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Larry Nitardy

I feel confident in our ability to help you because of what we’ve experienced, how we’ve learned from it, and what we did to adjust, advance and succeed.  

Chris Rood

Original photography and graphics design courtesy of Chris Rood. If you would like to learn more about Chris and his offerings, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

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